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    The publishing industry needs to prepare itself for the consolidation of wearable tech
    Wearable devices will likely go through a consolidation in the near future, and publishers will play a large role. Nike exiting the wearable device market is evidence of this. It is rumored that Nike will enter into a partnership with Apple when it enters the wearable device market. More at, 4/25/14:   (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Google Sharpens Contact Lens Vision
    Google has filed for a patent that could allow them to put cameras into contact lenses without a large increase in thickness. The camera would be able to process the data and then display the data on the contact lens. Time will tell if the contact lenses will make it into production. More at, 4/23/14:   (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Google Maps, Now with Time Travel
    Google maps now allows you to view back in time via Google Street View. The archives go back to 2007. Currently, this feature is primarily a novelty, but it could provide many uses as the feature progresses. More at, 4/23/14:   (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Smartphones arenít quite at the commodity stage, but price increasingly important
    As technological advances in smartphones become more incremental, price is becoming more important and features are becoming less important. At the same time, prices are going up. These changes are a reflection that the smartphone market is becoming more mature, although it has yet to reach full maturation. More at, 4/25/14:   (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Tiny Jumpr charges your phone and jumpstarts your car
    JunoPower has created a portable charger that can charge your phone and your car battery. The battery pack is only seven ounces and is 5.5 inches long. The suggested retail price for the new device is $89.99. More at, 4/24/14:   (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    U.S. Views of Technology and the Future
    A new survey by the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine asked Americans what they anticipate the next 50 years will bring in terms of scientific change. Fifty-nine percent are optimistic that scientific changes will have a net positive impact on society. While people are optimistic overall, they are wary of many specific advances such as personal and commercial drones. More at, 4/17/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    End of an era: After 131 Years, 'Ladies' Home Journal' Shutters Monthly, Goes Quarterly
    After 131 years, Ladiesí Home Journal will cease its regular monthly subscription publication. It will instead publish quarterly as a newsstand-only magazine. The magazineís entire editorial staff will be laid off. More at, 4/24/14:   (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    The Ultra High-Speed Internet Race Is On
    A race for one Gbps ultra high-speed Internet has begun. Google started the race by introducing its one Gbps network in Kansas City. Since then, others have joined the race including AT&T, C Spire, and CenturyLink. Companies and cities alike are seeking to create a competitive advantage by having ultra high-speed Internet. More at, 4/17/14:   (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    New Newspaper Numbers; New Opportunities
    Newspapers continue to decline, with 11 percent of people saying that they plan to read print newspapers less in the next year. At the same time, 11 percent of people say that they plan to consume online newspapers more in the next year. Newspapers can respond to these changes by taking advantage of new direct sales models, using local data, and creating compelling content. More at, 4/11/14:   (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Local Innovation - What's the Next Big Thing?
    Until recently, technology was used to help connect the buyer and the seller in the local shopping experience. Now, technology is helping to create awareness and engagement with local sellers. Wearable computing devices, multi-touch attribution, and visual search will be the next big things in the local shopping experience. More at, 4/7/14:   (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>

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